LASSO (in production)

Role: Trish
In progress | San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Summary coming soon!


Role: Themselves (Skyler Cooper)
2016 | San Francisco, CA

When filmmaker Jeffrey Braverman comes across the Renaissance’s most iconic family jewels silkscreened onto a pair of boxer briefs, he decides to explore the story of Michelangelo’s David and what this chiseled stud has to offer those of us struggling with our own modern day Goliaths. (#whatsyourgoliath)


Role: Director, Screenplay, Lead - Hero Mars
2013 | San Francisco, CA
A down and out actor gets the chance of a lifetime to audition for a world class theater company but must overcome ignorance and misconceptions in their quest to gain acceptance.

Halloween Party

Role: Charly/Mime
2012 | Los Angeles, CA

The story of a girl looking for love on the most deceptive night of the year.


Role: Fredericka
2011 | France
1963, San Francisco: An African American woman in her 20s visits her grieving though well-to do-mom that she never met just after her estranged father jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.

RUPaul DRAG U, Episode 203

Role: Themselves (Skyler Cooper)
2011 | Los Angeles, CA

3 women are given drag makeovers and taught to access their inner divas!

Elena Undone

Role: Jackie
2010  |  Los Angeles, CA
Fate brings two very different woman together and sets them on a collision course that will shatter their preconceived notions about love, life and the power of one’s soul.

hooters (the making of the owls)

Role: Themselves (Skyler Cooper)
2010 | Los Angeles, CA
Hooters: The making of Older, Wiser, Lesbian cinema explores lesbian culture with humor, insight and artistry through the collaborative film making process used in Cheryl Dunye’s seminal film, The Owls (see below).

The Owls

Role: Skye
2010 | Los Angeles, CA
Two middle age couples accidentally kill a younger lesbian and hide the body without reporting it to the authorities. Their guilt and long-kept, dark secret comes back to haunt them when an unexpected stranger shows up in their lives bringing tension and discord. Little do they know the mysterious stranger has a plan which includes them all.


Role: Bell
2008 | 
San Francisco
Bell can’t sleep so she goes to a 3am Insomniacs meeting where she meets the girl of her dreams.

Don’t Go. (Pilot)

Role: Bone
2007 | 
Los Angeles, CA
The intimate lives and loves of a group of vibrant individuals living in a Los Angeles four plex.

butch mystique

Role: Themselves (Skyler Cooper)
2003 | San Francisco, CA
Nine African American butches talk about various aspects of the butch lifestyle and their personal lives.

Override (music video)

Role: Bike Messenger
2000 | San Francisco, CA

An oppressed office worker is whisked away to a dynamic club scene by a strapping bike messenger.



Every 28 Hours

Role: Doctor, Young man, Old man, Trans man
2016 | San Francisco, CA
Theater Company: Faultline Theater

Director: Tyrone Davis, Mina Morita, Stephen Jones, Luna Malbroux

OTHELLO (staged reading)

Role: Othello
2016 | Walnut Creek, CA
Theater Company:
Subterranean Shakespeare & Rossmore Shakespeare Society
Director: Jeffrey Pond

The Conductor

Role: Harriet Tubman
2010 | Sacramento, CA

Theater: Company: B Street Theater
Director: Jerry Montoya


Role: Rai
2009 | San Francisco, CA
Theater Company:
Crowded Fire
Director: Marissa Wolf

3 Seconds in the Key

Role: New York Knick/Ailing Mom
2008 | San Francisco, CA
Theater Company:
SF Playhouse
Director: Leigh Fondakowski

365 PLAYS/365 DAYS

Role: Harriet/Other Guy/Somebody
2006 | 
San Francisco, CA
Theater Company: Word for Word
Director: Nancy Shelby

Richard III

Role: Queen Marageret/ Brakenbury
2006 | Berkeley, CA
Theater Company:
Lupine Event
Director: Jon Tracy

Walking the dead

Role: Maya
2006 | Berkeley, CA
Theater Company: Theater Q
Director: Jeffery Hoffman


Role: ATHENA (Lead, Understudy)
2005 | Berkeley, CA
Theater Company: Berkeley Repertory Company
Director: Mary Zimmerman


Role: Othello
2004 | Berkeley, CA
Theater Company: 
Impact Theater
Director: Melissa Hillman

Quartet #1

Role: Eddie/Sheila
2004 | San Francisco, CA
Theater Company:
Steinbeck Presents
Director: Alan Quismorio

Henry IV, Comedy of Errors & Important of being Enerst

Role: Nym, Ensemble, Miss Prism(Understudy)
2004 | Orinda, CA
Theater Company:
California Shakespeare Company
Directors: Mladen Kiselov, Sean Daniels, Jonathan Moscone

Corned Beef

Role: Judy/Sis
2003 | San Francisco, CA
Theater Company:
Exit Theater
Director: Nancy Lawson

Butch Love

Role: Themselves (Skyler Cooper)
2001 | San Francisco, CA
Theater Company: Luna Sea
Director: Veronica Combs