worthy of survival

I am very excited about my next film. This feature film script is currently in development for Producers, Directors and Talent agents. A treatment and script are available for interested parties in these key roles. Please be in touch for more information. The image above is teaser - ask me about it!

WORTHY OF SURVIVAL is a dual story of two people, Jordan Dunlap and Muley a runaway slave, fighting for freedom from their past.

Several years have passed since Jordan Dunlap, a black 28-year old combat veteran, returned home. Now homeless and tormented by her past service, Jordan Dunlap has a meltdown at work.

Jordan wakes up in a VA psych ward. When memories of her past begin to collide with the despair of her present, Jordan descends further into despair.  A cracker-barrel  therapist Dr. Carol Blake arrives at the right time. Dr. Blake thinks she can help Jordan, but first Jordan must go through a psychiatric evaluation due to criminal charges pressed against her by her employer.

At the psych ward Jordan meets a Vietnam vet named Chester Yu. Chester is lively and loves to tell colorful stories. He tells Jordan about a runaway slave named Muley who steals the identity of  a free man.  At first Jordan is annoyed by Chester, but soon takes solace and enjoy his stories of Muley.

Dr. Blake challenges Jordan to come clean about her past. Jordan tells Dr. Blake about an unsettling incident that she’s told no one. Jordan alleviated from her dark secret is ready to fight for her survival. 


Hollywood Premier Date: Nov 6 2018 8pm TCL Chinese 6

This thriller centers around Kit (Lindsey Morgan) and Simon (Andrew Jacobs) as they navigate life working for a senior community center. Their lives are turned upside down when they find themselves fighting to stay alive against a group of psycho, bloodthirsty cowboys from the local rodeo. Skyler Cooper plays Trish, a rough and tough competitor at the rodeo who fights along side Kit and Simon for survival. 

Director: Evan Cecil
Executive Producer: Todd Meyer
Producer: Elaine Gibson

The American anthology of gender.

Developing a series show about transgender and genderqueer people in America.

Writer: Skyler Cooper



Short Film, Shooting 2019

The story revolves around Ariel Price, an ambitious prosecutor who lives up to the biblical definition of her name “The Lion of God” in that she has never lost a case for the state. When she encounters accused murderer Idris Grange (played by Skyler Cooper), her transformation begins our descent into the unseen spiritual landscape that eventually envelopes all of the characters. As the mystery of Idris’ identity unfolds we find that nothing about him is as it seems. The line between madness and faith is very vague if it ever existed at all. 

Ariel’s childhood friend and fellow lawyer, Megan Donovan stands with her against the pull of the ensuing chaos. But before it’s all over in this battle of darkness and light, we will find that horrible secrets cast long shadows into their friendship. THE GREY AREA is a town of shadows and fog that is never black and white, a dimly lit corridor where reason is suspended and the two-sided coin of faith and insanity stands on its side. This is where the monsters live and angels fear to tread.

Director: Liz Anderson
Executive Producer: Seth Ashby
Producer: Comika Hartford, Ruth Morgan (Community Works), Liz Anderson


Skyler Cooper Co-hosts The Theater Bay Area Awards Show. November 5th 2018 7pm!

In a rapidly changing world, artists mirror the times. As we honor the talented bay area artists and art makers hosts, Monique Fauxnique and Skyler Cooper, will hold space that evening for the theme of “Identity”.